An interrupted journey to the Klondike that launched a family business. A nursery that continues the Garden city Tradition. Missoula’s favorite dance hall since 1908. These are the stories of local businesses that opened their doors in Missoula before electricity was widely available, businesses that watched the transition from horse and buggy to driverless cars, and businesses that have provided employment for generations of Missoulians.

The Missoula Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) announces Missoula’s second year recognizing local Legacy Businesses! Based on the wildly successful programs of San Francisco, Seattle and other leaders in preservation and heritage tourism, Missoula is recognizing its oldest businesses for their contribution to the community.The HPC is an integral part of Missoula City government and is charged with promoting and safeguarding the City's heritage, enhancing the City's ability to visually convey its history, stimulating revitalization and improving property values in the City, increasing economic and financial benefits to the City and its inhabitants, attracting tourists and visitors to the City, and promoting civic and neighborhood pride and a sense of identity. 

The program recognizes businesses that were established in Missoula for 100 or more years and serves to call out longstanding, community-serving local businesses that so often serve as valuable cultural assets. The City intends that this registry of businesses be a tool for providing educational and promotional assistance to Legacy Businesses to encourage their continued viability, awareness and success. It also serves to promote Missoula’s heritage through an alternative lens, recognizing that our heritage is multifaceted, from businesses to music to buildings. Potential outcomes of the program include branding recognition, legacy business tours, walking maps, digital presence and partnerships with other Missoula entities and tourism.

Can you think of Missoula business which has been in operation for 100 years or more? Nominate that business now! This year the HPC will be awarding businesses who have been an integral part the Missoula community for over a century. The Legacy Business awards ceremony will be held in May during National Historic Preservation Month, in conjunction with the annual historic preservation awards. Award winners and their guests will be honored and treated to a catered celebration. Time and place TBD.  

Nominations due March 30th, 2020

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